We aim to address neglected and under-resourced global health issues, from a social justice and health equity standpoint. 



Our Mission

At Health Advocacy Innovations, we turn the many issues related to global health on their head to see them from a different angle. We believe most problems are not only solvable, but solvable in a low-tech way. Low-tech does not only mean minimal technology, but also simple and intuitive to use and able to be made at minimal cost. 

In many regions of the world, disease is not simply the result of contracting a virus or bacteria by chance. Physical and structural violence perpetuate cycles of poverty and disease, the consequences of which can reverberate for generations. Healthy citizens are more productive citizens, and health can be as much an instrument for development as for individual well-being. Understanding health as a prerequisite for lifelong success incentivizes governments and organizations to promote the general welfare of populations. Health is a human right, and we're dedicating our work to making that concept a reality. 

He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.”
— Arabian Proverb