Peddtb: Pediatric Dose Dispenser for MDR-TB

Improving the efficiency & accuracy of pediatric MDR-TB treatment

The Problem

Each year 80,000 children develop drug-resistant tuberculosis, yet there are no medications appropriate for their treatment.

Currently, doctors must cut adult medications by hand, which is inaccurate and inefficient.

To get to these doctors, sick children and their parents must travel to a health clinic every day for each two-year treatment, often missing school and work.

These obstacles affect the accuracy of treatment, deter compliance, and can be crippling to a family's finances. This unsustainable burden on patients, caregivers, and doctors is simply unacceptable.

Our Solution

PeDDTB is a two-part system that will streamline this process, freeing up doctors' time and enabling treatment to occur at home.

*PeDDTB system is provisionally patented

*PeDDTB system is provisionally patented

PeDDTB will be piloted in collaboration with Partners in Health, Harvard Medical School, and Operation asha in Peru, Pakistan, and india, alongside their national partners. It has been developed in consultation with pediatric MDR-TB specialists at TB Alliance, USAID's DR-TB Training Network, and Partners in Health, among numerous others.